In the world of business the saying ‘even negative press is good press’ doesn’t stand up in the court of who’s got the competitive advantage. In fact any promotional activity you do right now will mean very little if you aren’t prepared to work on your online reputation – especially as your brand gets stronger and your competitors get competior (I made that word up). All the SEO, advertising, and money spent on promoting your site will mean nothing if prospects are faced with a wall of negative press. In other words, you really cannot afford to not invest in your online reputation – good reputation is paramount to growing a brand – I don’t think this is rocket science – is it?

Actually, for the next to normal person it may as well be!

Destroying a reputation is pretty easy these days where rumormongering has been digitalized! Millions of people globally have access to the Internet, via computers, laptops, and tablets – cellphone even – creating a hugely wide reach, meaning anyone (with the wrong intentions) can effortlessly tear down your good reputation in a blink of an eye. Stopping a rumor escalating is another topic altogether.


Online Reputation Management Poppy Blautzik