Content Marketing

Fresh Content Marketing

In an age when creative content can mean the difference between ten clicks and ten thousand, it’s understandable why businesses are investing in content marketing. Producing valuable information in a branded medium can invite interest in your brand and trust in your offerings.

Creative Formats to Meet Your Needs

Content marketing can strengthen your marketing approach, so your business presents itself strategically to customers, whether via creative case studies, graphics, microsites, videos, or white papers.

Your Market, Your Story

I identify your organisation’s existing marketing strengths and cultivate these stories and themes in the format that best delivers the intended message, ultimately providing valuable insights into your market.

Identifying the Audience and Platform

I will work with you to pinpoint how to target your audiences with a range of creative formats, and then put that knowledge to action, developing marketing materials to tell your company’s unique story via industry influencers, partners, or existing social media assets.

A Schedule of Fresh Content

Routinely publishing creative content ensures your company remains top-of-mind among key audiences; I will frequently integrate with you and your businesses to maintain a content schedule that incorporates company-wide news and events, and maps to comprehensive marketing objectives.


Social Media

Social Media is now established as an important ingredient in your marketing strategy. Given the proliferation of channels and online users, it’s hard to make sense of it all and know where and how to participate effectively. I can filter out the noise and articulate where to begin and how to bring innovation to social engagement.

You already have a website, why do you need Social Media?

Social Media expands your organisation’s outreach to an enormous online audience and enables you to interact with your visitors through engaging rich media and online conversation.

Planning for Success

I shall start with a social media marketing strategy that covers your brand, which channels to utilise, what content and campaigns to produce, how to measure success, and what to execute.

Real Engagement

Real Engagement strategy requires planning, monitoring, and ultimately time. Don’t have time? I will represent your voice in targeted social media channels, create and manage social campaigns, produce relevant content to support your voice and monitor your brand.

Creative Content

Let’s start by listening. Let me help you join the conversation.

Where does my website fit into all of this?

While your website is your home base, it’s necessary to also get out where the people are, to engage your audience using third-party tools. One of the most logical ways for companies to capitalize on this trend is to integrate their social media campaigns with their websites.

Unfortunately, some websites treat their social media links as an after-thought, and it shows. We work with your organization to determine what’s the best use of your website as it applies to your social media activities. The bottom line is, your website is an integral part of your overall marketing strategy and should be treated as such as you plan your social strategy.

It’s all about relationships

Friends. Forward-thinking businesses were among the first to enjoy the kind of results social media efforts can deliver. Succeeding in Social Media means putting your brand out there in an interactive and meaningful way.

Metrics have to change. Businesses have to consider their relationships with consumers in order to measure their success. They have to build the number of relationships they have and then successfully manage those relationships. They have to be able to gauge the quality of those relationships to really measure their success. Relying on large numbers of relationships is not going to be the end all. It will be the quality of those relationships that counts.